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Let’s face it, our music libraries are growing day by day as are the number of devices you want to be able to play them on. Streaming sites like Spotify and Rhapsody are ok as long as you only listen to what they have. If you cherish your eclectic and unique music collection, you need another solution. Livedrive may provide the solution you are looking for. Before you leap however, you need to read this article for some important guidance and tips.

What is Livedrive and how did they get their start?
Livedrive is an online cloud backup and file storage service that has grown to claim being the number 1 service in America and the UK. They allow users to share up to 5 TB of storage between devices including mobile devices, phones, tablets, and PCs. They currently support iOS, Android, Kindle, Windows 8, Mac OS X, and Google Chrome OS. They were founded in 2008 by renown entrepreneur Andrew Michael who had the business savvy to walk away from a 100 million pound offer early on, knowing Livedrive would be worth it. In 2010 they added personal music and streaming to their account offerings giving us the ability to listen to our own music collections or watching movies on a remote computer or device.
How can Livedrive solve your problem?
Livedrive supports personal media streaming for subscribers at no additional cost. We are able to listen to our own music collections on a remote PC or device all from shared storage in the cloud, accessible from anywhere. Once our files are uploaded we can browse by artist, genre, or year. Music files stream at adaptive bitrates. The service was designed with iPads in mind. The locker on Livedrive integrates with Apple’s iWork as well as other online apps like the Zoho suite.

How popular are their services?
The service regularly wins awards and has been covered by many major press reviews.

“Livedrive provides a brilliant service on all fronts”

“Cloud storage excellence”

“Exceedingly easy to setup and use”

Many customers have beaten their music library challenges with this service. Micha in particular gives a detailed review:

“My major concern is having my music library at hand, wherever I am, even on my smartphone. Since it is a large music library – 650 GB and growing, I rather store it in a synced cloud and stream an album of choice instead of DL it for offline listening.  Apparently, LD is the only cloud service that offers this in a relatively reasonable price. I tried OpenDrive too, but their android app do not support a full album streaming, only a one song at a time streaming and even that involves a nasty buffer time waiting for the song to start. In LD android app you just add all the folder’s songs to a playlist with one click and there is no buffering cut offs before or during listening. On the other hand I experienced a lot of crashes using OD android app and none so far on the LD app.”
Micha notes.  The review continues:
“More pros to LD in compare to OD, are 2TB in LD briefcase, while a similar plan in term of cost in OD offers 1TB. OD also limits DL bandwidth while LD do not. In other parameters, both LD and OD earned a bad reputation in the backing up and restoring departments. Keeping in mind that LD briefcase is not a backup plan but a synched storage, I use it only to make my music available for me online for all my devices, and it works – for an affordable price of 16$ a month. If I would choose a more reliable synched storage like SpiderOak I would pay 100-200$ a month (1TB-2TB) for the pleasure. For a safe backup of my files, including this same music library I use CrashPlan. I don’t take chances with Livedrive. Even the payment is month to month so I don’t have to fear any refund refusal. encryption is also not an issue with music files so… Today I finished my trial with LD and already uploaded 100GB of music to the briefcase.”

Others have said:

“I now have access to all my files, from anywhere. Streaming all my media to iPhone or PC from the cloud, thoroughly impressed!”  — H. Peels

A few things you must know before buying:

  • The file synchronization functionality is what you want for your music library. This is available in both the Briefcase plan with 2TB of space and the Pro Suite plan with 5TB of space. You can try either, Risk Free without a credit card for 2 weeks.
  • Livedrive will NOT ask for your credit card in order to sign up for their trial. Do not enter a credit card until you are satisfied with the service and wish to continue. This creates a RISK FREE environment for you so you can see for yourself how well the service works for sharing your music collection.
  • Beware the resellers! Lifedrive has many resellers that front the product. Many if not all of the negative experiences you see out there are from the resellers. If you buy and deal direct with Livedrive you will have far fewer issues. Enlist through the resellers at your own risk. There are many reviews that confirm this.
  • Livedrive hasn’t always delivered perfect services. Most notable was a fairly large outage in 2012 that left users without access to files for multiple days. This naturally generated a lot of bad reviews on people using the service for backups which brings me to my next point. They were also known for bad support and have since introduced Support Force One to remedy their service issues promising a response in 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • Do not use Livedrive as your only backup for your files. They have not yet perfected this from a security and reliability aspect. The tools are less reliable and the service and support around backups and restores are less than desired. This has also generated some bad press about the service in general as this is a niche they are trying to be in. If you do choose to use them for backing up your files, be sure to enable the SSL features to protect your data! This is not important for your music or video library.
  • There are no current “deals” or “coupons” offered by Livedrive, so beware of those offering a discount or special codes.

Livedrive Briefcase

Should you give Livedrive a try?
Based on all the reviews, benefits, features, and my adoption, I would highly recommend you give Livedrive a try for hosting your entire music library and keeping it in sync between all your devices. The company is making a strong effort to branch out and make other features more reliable but the music and video sharing feature is and has been solid and would help solve the issues we face with our libraries. It has solved it for me.


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